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Larry Mishkin - Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Metallization - the science and art of applying a silver metallic coating to a substrate can be accomplished in several ways.  Regarded as one the highest quality, lowest cost and fastest methods is a process known as Silver Reduction.

Silver reduction metallizing process lays down a thin layer of precious metal on the substrate.  Silver reduction metallizing provides a mirror-like surface, allowing for a deep, rich color. The continuous silver-reduction metallizing process delivers:

•Reduced variability

•Improved quality

•Reduced costs

•Can be metallized to match a color standard in any color under the rainbow

This youtube video shows the I.V. Miller & Sons production line producing distillery caps for America's largest distillery's.  IVM produces metallized caps for the cosmetics, distilled spirits, liquor, wine, aerosol, food & beverage and novelty markets. 

IVM has been metallizing and coating caps and closures for 65 years and is one of the oldest metallizers in the USA and also among the highest quality and most competitive metallizing companies in the world. 

IVM is located at 15 Cindy Lane Ocean, New Jersey.  The I.V. Miller & Sons phone number is 732-493-4040.  The main contact is Larry Mishkin - Sales and Marketing Manager -


For more information on how you can have your products metallized in the USA email, visit I.V. Miller and sons at 732-493-4040.

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