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Cannabis Opaque Compliant Decoration - Metallizing and Coating

Larry Mishkin - Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cannabis Opaque Regulations  have left many packaging suppliers to this emerging Cannabis packaging market searching for cost effective and compliant solutions.


Clear packaging had been the preferred route due to cost and logistics.  In order to comply with opaque packaging requirements, major packaging suppliers of packaging to the Cannabis industry are now metallizing and spray coating packaging to be cannabis opaque compliant on any clear packaging.


• New regulations:   

Many states are now requiring that the packaging be opaque - is your state one of them?  

Learn here:


List of regulations by state:


• Metallizing and Coating  has been a traditional decoration solution for the packaging industry where product differentiation and branding matter Metallization and Spray Coating provides attractive surface interest, and branding opportunities while also complying with new state cannabis packaging regulations.


As a supplier to the packaging industry IVM - Miller Metallizing and Coating, Sales and Marketing Manager - Larry Mishkin says:


"The demand for Metallizing and Coating solutions to meet the new State Cannabis regulations has already begun and is predicted to continue an upward trajectory as more states come on line with these types of regulations. With over 80MM pieces of capacity per year we are well situated to handle this demand".


For more information on how to Metallize or Coat your cannabis packaging to be compliant or to differentiate your products from the pack contact Larry Mishkin at 732-493-4040 or


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